Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dearth in posting

Goodness! I know! My blog is DISGUSTINGLY back dated!

Joyanne is no more the wee little baby that obediantly lies in her cot or our couch and gurgles to herself. She is (although still a wee little baby) VERY much more mobile (eeps!) and has become VERY vocal (in getting our attention or telling us she DOES NOT WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!).

Janine, if she is not smoothering her mei mei to death with her hugs and kisses, is busy thinking of ways to give me heart attacks. Like doing acrobatic "tricks" in a slippery bath tub or CARRYING her mei mei around the house BY HERSELF! She has also blossomed emotionally. Suddenly, she is no longer a little doll but a little GIRL with a lot of feelings.


I so want that uber cool remote control on Click for Christmas.

Ok...back to work! Will (do a back) post when I come up for air again...hopefully sometime this century?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Reward

More often than not, this is the expression I get after Joyanne has finished feeding.


Such bliss. And at 3, 4 or 5 am in the morning, that happy and contented look makes all the sleep depravation and efforts to totally breastfeed WORTH IT!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!


Albeit 3 days late, but I am still happy as a lark with the little present and more so because the minute she came home from school, my little girl makes a bee line for me, hands me the flower, whispers "Happy Mother's Day Mommy" and plants a kiss on my lips. Awwwww....such sweetness :D

Needless to say this is going to go into my "treasure trove"

On that note, the kids in the hall also gave all the mothers a treasure box of sorts. Inside the heart shaped box were paper flowers and little notes from the girls telling u how much they appreciate what we the mothers in the hall have done for them. Sigh...who can ask for a better Mother's Day gift than these?


For all the tantrums we have to endure, the heart aches from discipling, dripping noses to wipe, hot feverish foreheads to cool, little butts to wipe, hungry stomachs to (force)feed, and more mommy stuff, such little presents adn gestures make it all worth while. And makes u appreciate all that YOUR OWN MOTHER has done and sacrificed and is STILL doing for you. We love you Mom!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Janine's Gallery: Of Fairies, Mermaids And Princesses

Of late, my little artist has been very preoccupied with all things that exist in fairy tale land and it's reflected in her drawings. Most of the time, I will find her doodling princesses with long flowing gowns and tresses. But recently, she has expanded her "interests" to encompass fairies and mermaids as well.


Title: Fairy With Crown
Artist: Janine Ling
Medium: Paper, Ball Point Pen, Colour Pencils


Title: Mermaid
Artist: Janine Ling
Medium: Paper, Felt Tip Pen

I just love the way her faces are drawn with no "boundaries" - the eyes and mouths are suspended in space.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Growing Expectations: FINAL appearance

*WARNING! This is a LOOOONG post*

Ahhh! Finally! Some time to pen my thoughts and put down on record how no.2 made her "grand" entrance into the world and into our lives!

Let's just say while we were anticipating her arrival and had great expectations of HOW she would arrive, like since she is no. 2, I expected the labour process to be faster as how it usually is with second and subsequent pregnancies, no. 2 goes and throws us a curve ball. While she is eager to meet the world, she sure TOOK HER TIME to do it! :P


I starting having contractions at 3am on the 21st. It was more like a tightening feeling around the tummy and what made me realise it was contractions was that this tightening feeling came at pretty regular 5 min intervals!

Honestly, I would have still gone to work that morning BUT the only thing was that when I went to the loo, there was quite a bit of show! So that sort of set the alarm bells off in my head. No. 2 could be here TODAY!!! And I haven't packed my hospital bag yet! and darn! Looks like I won't be able to have my free cone at Ben&Jerry's today. Lol!

Needless to say the whole family was woken up by the "commotion" I was creating :P KY (obviously) couldn't go back to sleep and my dear Janine got woken up by all the shuffling I was doing up and down the bedroom trying to throw my things together.


I was so sure that with no. 2, things will progress very fast. And being such a coward when it comes to pain, I wanted to make sure I make it to the hospital in time for an epidural! So I insisted on going in to the hospital...just to be on the safe side! But despite having contractions, I was still able to get Janine ready for and even send her to school and THEN make our way to TMC. Hence, KY was very skeptical about this whole "baby may be arrive within the hours" thing. He kept asking me SO MANY times whether I was really having contractions. "You don't look like you are in pain you know". Apparently he wasn't the only one with doubts (you know who you are!!!). My answer to him was a slit-eye look and a curt reply that "I don't want to give birth in the bathroom or in the car ok!". But it so happens that his hunch was right (again).


We initially though of calling my gynae for her advice on whether to go to the hospital or not. But for some strange reason, her clinic line was diverted wrongly. So we couldn't get her. Then, since we are a few minutes drive away from TMC, we decided that we might as well go there and check instead.

For all the tightening and cramps that I was feeling, an internal check from the nurse only revealed that I was only 1.5 cm dilated! So we were given an option to either go home or walk around a bit to hasten things along. We opted for "home" and the rest of the day was spent enduring the little squeezes that were getting stronger in the comforts of home.

It was a good thing we opted to go home, as it gave us more time to put our things in order, spend one last precious evening playing a board game with Janine, making child care arrangements with my parents and getting some rest before our world as we know it gets turned upside down.


After a restless night, we (I) decided to make our way again to TMC. The contractions were a bit closer and definitely more intense. I thought after a whole day of enduring contractions, I might be too far along to get my epidural so imagine my relief when the nurse checked me and found I was 5cm dilated - still VERY VIABLE for an epi! Lol! I guess God knows how much I can endure! And if KY wants another 2 more, I better make sure bringing them into this world is relatively easy peasy!

At 6.30am, after all the preliminaries were settled, I got my epidural and was EXTREMELY happy and relaxed. Little surprise why this jab in your spine has earned the nickname "happy-dural" :D I tried to get some sleep while in the labour suite but was distracted by HBO! Tsk tsk...we obviously aren't taking this baby business very seriously eh!

At 8.30am, my gynae, Dr Tan, comes in to take a look at me. STILL 5cm dilated!!! Goodness! So she breaks my water bag and puts me on a drip to regulate my contractions. After being instructed by the nurse to call them should I feel like I need to poo, I go back to sleep.

About 10am, I could feel some pressure at my bottom with each stomach squeeze, is no. 2 so I call for the nurse. The first one comes and tells me the pressure I am feeling are contractions and they are coming along fine (duh!). Thankfully, another nurse, the same one that attended to me with Dr Tan, comes in shortly, checked me and pronounced that no. 2 is ready to say hello! Wohoo! So she goes and calls my gynae.

About 15 minutes later, Dr Tan waltzes into the labour suite and engages us in some casual conversation while she preps herself and the nurse preps me. Because I am in no pain and this is the second time we are going through this, it all feels very surreal. We are feeling no anxiety, no nervousness, no fear, maybe a tinge of excitement but otherwise, it just feels like we are standing in line waiting for our number to be called so we can go "pick up" the baby.

Finally, when everything is in place, we do a few "practice" pushes. I am so relaxed that I can still grin while I push so the good doctor thinks I am not taking all this seriously. Tsk tsk! So I put a lot more effort in until my whole face turned red.

One push and no. 2's head pops through and I think she tried to nibble on Dr Tan's fingers while she was clearing her airways.

Second push and Joyanne slips into the waiting hands of Dr Tan at 10.33am! She gives a loud cry as Dr Tan places her on my tummy and for a second, my eyes water out of relief and joy as I behold my screaming daughter. The nurse then whisked her off to the baby warmer to clean her up and take her measurements.

And THAT's how Joyanne made her debut appearance. A little bit of fanfare at the beginning but a smooth and no fuss delivery at the end. So while I don't get to have a Ben&Jerry's Free Cone Day baby, I got an Earth Day baby. Haha! Either ways we are elated at her arrival and thankful for His guidance and providence throughout this whole pregnancy. Now we seek his wisdom as we bring up and parent our 2 little girls!

Proud Daddy

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I don't like to sun bathe! *scrowl*

Although her jaundice level is low enough for us to bring her home, that doesn't mean she has no jaundice. So, we have been advised to let her sunbathe when we bring her back to help bring down the yellow-ness. The best time to do so is in the mornings before 11am and for 15 min to an hour. But looking at my daughter's face, coupled with the fact that she screams blue murder when we undress her to bake and CONTINUES to scream even when we sunbathe her INDOORS and FAN her at the same time, 10 minutes MAX is all she will tolerate. Lol. This baby is one chilli padi I tell you!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yellow Yellow Yellow!

20090428_ 007

Do I look cool or what?


Our no.2 has gone the same way her older sister did when she was born. Despite, NOT consuming much ginger in the last month of my pregnancy and even the last few days after delivery, supplementing her with glucose (in other words, plenty of fluids) while waiting for the milk factory (aka me) to get started, PLUS sun bathing her in the mornings, our precious Joyanne's JAUNDICE level still sky rocketed and she has to be re-admitted to the hospital. For TWO days.


Apparently, it is very usual for babies on the fifth day after birth to develope high jaundice levels. Oh well, we WERE hoping with no. 2 that things can swing in another direction i.e. NO jaundice AT ALL.

Although this is sort of a run-of-the-mill kind of thing for newborns, having to hear from the doctor that your precious has to be re-admitted because her jaundice level is bordering on dangerous and then leaving her behind at the hospital in the blue room with other screaming babies similarly afflicted is heart wrenching! It definitely doesn't help the fact that for the next 2 days, she will be sleeping in a little plastic box (so not comfortable) and that she may be left to cry her lungs out while she is there :( I was close to tears as I gave her a little kiss and stepped out of the room. Argh! Talk about having to steel your resolve! :P

It's a good thing we are staying very near the hospital so I can do milk deliveries for the little girl. Whatever little breastmilk I can offer her now is like a part of me that can be there with her, comforting her. Bleah :P Only two days! Thank God it's ONLY two days!

20090428_ 002

Friday, April 24, 2009

Janine's Artwork: A Self Portrait

20090421_ 008

Title: Me
Artist: Janine Ling
Medium: Paper, Marker pens

Drawn on the her last night as our ONLY child.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing Expections: FINALLY!



We proudly present our little bundle of JOY (literally) - Ling Hui Xi, Joyanne.

She made her debut appearance (a little earlier than expected) on the 22 April 2009 at 10.33am weighing a petite 2.9kg and measuring 49cm long.

We feel so blessed and loved by all the well wishes and gifts that have been showered upon us and little Joyanne. Thank you everyone!

Latest Family Picture

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Growing Expectations: Week 37!

Its week 37!!!

We are counting the days!!!

More quick updates on the little one:

- She is now 2.8kg
- Mommy is apparently ONE cm dilated but no contractions yet :P
- Mommy has to monitor the little one's movement (10 movements in 10 hours...something like that)
- Technically, after next week, anything goes! How exciting!